QUARTERQUARTER Urban design competition in Trnava

Trnava, the regional city of vision having 62,000 inhabitants, launches an international urban design competition of an unprecedented scale across Slovakia. From the point of view of history of the city ̓s development, this is a gamechanger to be setting a new standard with respect to the preparation of the Land-use plan.

“The winning design of the international competition will be finally completed as an urban study and will serve as a vision of the future development of the territory. "

Head of Department of Territorial Development and Concepts


The winning design will serve as a basis for the updating of the Land-use plan of the zone situated in the eastern part of Trnava, covering 135 hectares. The territory spreading on the twice the area of the historic centre of Trnava has been defined for decades as a reserve for the city ̓s expansion. The municipality’s objective is to obtain a coherent vision for the establishment of a fully-fledged city ̓s quarter built on the principle of sustainable fifteen-minute city prepared for climatic changes.


The two-round and anonymous competition will be announced in the second half of May. The competitors will have four months to prepare designs according to less specific instructions. The international jury of experts will select the best designs and will provide its comments on the designs in the first half of September. Based on the feedback and more in-depth instructions, the selected competitors will submit their final works by February 2024.

May 2023

Announcement of the competition

February 2024

Announcement of results


Urban study completion


Zone territorial plan

Trnava Trojicne namestie
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the City of Trnava

The City of Trnava focuses on the enhancement of the quality regarding the preparation of public investments through architectonic competitions. The city was awarded the “2021 Patron of Architecture” prize by the Slovak Chamber of Architects for its systematic approach.

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Organiser of the Competition
Ateliér 2021 architekti

Atelier 2021 architects is the most experienced atelier in Slovakia as regards the organizing of architectonic competitions. The atelier has been devoted, in the long term, to the topic of competing regarding public investments planning and is, inter alia, behind the Competition Manual of the Slovak Chamber of Architects.


Good outcomes are the result of good instructions – therefore, the process of preparation of this competition takes the form of a dialogue from its beginning. The series of four workshops for individual topics has become a rich source of expert inputs for various city-building topics.

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